The maximum IDR amount of $1184/month.

“Based on the information you provided, you’re no longer eligible for a reduced IDR payment and your payment will eventually increase to the maximum IDR amount of $1184/month. Review your payment schedules for the exact date your payment will increase. If your financial situation changes, you can check your eligibility and renew here at any time. If you want to leave IDR and select a different repayment plan, please contact us. ”

What is funny is that in a matter of a couple of weeks I will be so unemployed (as far as I know; I mean I might start playing lotto and attending church for divine help).

What next? What now?

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Happy Halloween!

Take a second to reflect on the really scary things. And then go out for a drink (or two or three…).


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A-Quick One-Act Some-History of-Education (Inside-My-Head)


Person of Power 1

Person of Power 2


Act 1- Scene 1

(An office, in the past past past, People-Students are heard protesting right outside )


I don’t think education should be a right, sounds too dangerous that way. Let’s keep it a privilege.


You are right. But, these people are revolting because they want it.


Hmm… let’s just give them some “pretend education system,” and they’ll shut up.



(People-Students cease protesting).


(Looking out the window)

Hey! Look! They seem to really like it.


(joining POWER2 at the window)

They do…are you thinking what I am thinking?


Yes! let’s make it a little more expensive.


And they won’t be really able to afford it, so we can lend them money, and we’ll make even MORE money!




(Protests start again)


This again?

So annoying.

Ok, Why don’t we get rid of a couple of them to scare them a bit.



(Protests cease)


Just keep those prices rising. Easiest business ever!


What about the quality of education?


What about it?


Nah, nothing.

To be continued…

*Insert/improvise some conversation about breakfast.


And while you are here, please check out this article from the HuffPost about the movimiento that has started in Mexico due to the disappearance of 43 students and the appearance of dozens of mass-graves with unidentified bodies:

Mexican Government — Tell Us the Truth — Where are the Ayotzinapa 43?


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We must come back.

We must.

Ok girls, we took a break, I get it; it was hard to deal with the blues of our last performance of The SM Cabaret and we slowly faded out in our duty to this platform.

Now what? We must come back. Re-build our momentum. Continue to write our way through this. Or: move on. Of course not all of us will stay through this forever, maybe none of us will. That is also OK!

So, here is my proposal:

Get back on your posting schedule, or write a final post, or just don’t write anything and someday maybe come back.

And if you aren’t already part of TGPB but would like to be, please let us know!

The action we came up with during the Student Movement Convention should kick off soon…not to forget that November 21st is less than 2 months away…

There’s much to be said and done, so I hope to hear from you soon.

you will hear from me,




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Oh Republicans…

As this Mother Jones article points out, our country’s priorities are terrifying. 

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This is how The Great Lakes got YOU!

From The SM Cabaret: Slaves of Sallie Mae


For more information about The SM Cabaret please visit our SM Cabaret page.

If you’d like to check out a review of the  show visit Woman Around Town.

Stay tuned!  /

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This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home…

So as usual I have been trying to find ways to make more money. Frustrated and broke, I scour Craigslist for more jobs, usually as the baby I nanny yanks my hair and smears snot on my shirt. Typically I would scroll right past the ads titled “Girls, Girls, Girls!”, but curiosity and desperation is a dangerous combination. I click on the ad and discover that I could make $800 a night working at an up scale foot fetish club in Midtown. The ad is vague as to what is actually required. I mean, if I just have to make small talk with business men while prancing round in strappy sandals, then yeah I’m in, but letting some middle aged man with a pop belly and reseeding hairline put my toe in his mouth is a different story. I’d be willing to touch my own feet while they watch (I don’t know if that’s a thing, but I could handle that). So I go back and forth like this in my head. questioning how far I’d be willing to go, and ultimately decide hey what the hell, and I send in my picture. I figure if I actually go through with the job it could make a good Performance Studies essay. It could be my attempt at a Sophie Calle style (whenever I’m considering doing anything scandalous, I use the “Sophie Calle” justification). I didn’t hear back from them. They were probably more interested in bubbly, leggy, blonds in spandex dresses, than in angry, 4’11” lesbian, brunettes in Dr. Martins, so I didn’t stand much of a chance.  In reality, I’m sure my feet are too flat and ticklish for me to make it big in the foot fetish world. But hey, a girl can dream.   



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